Growth track

Discover your purpose.

Growth track is a four-session series offered every Sunday of each month that is designed to help you discover God's purpose for your life.  Growth track is held every Sunday at 11:30 a.m. (immediately after our second service). Refreshments and childcare are provided. Come and grow with us!  SCROLL DOWN to learn more. 


  • Membership 101

    1st Sunday of Every Month

    Membership 101 is our membership class. It is an introduction and connection point to our family at U-City Family Church. It's the first step to becoming involved in the life of our church family. 

  • Essentials 201

    2nd Sunday of Every Month

    Essentials 201 guides you through some of the core habits and disciplines of the Christian life. We believe that the Christian life is not just for Sundays, but rather we live it out in our homes, classrooms, jobs and community every day. 

  • Discovery 301

    3rd Sunday of Every Month

    Discovery 301 is all about discovering your spiritual gifts.  We are convinced that every person is created and uniquely gifted by God to fulfill their purpose.  We believe that to find true fulfillment you must discover and develop your God-given purpose.  Come discover with us! 

  • Dream Team 401

    4th Sunday of Every Month

    Dream Team 401 provides you with an opportunity to meet our Dream Team Leaders, join our Dream Team and make a difference! To learn about the exciting opportunities to get involved, click here.

    Click here to meet our leaders.